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Note: This widget does NOT work with WordPress 2.1 and up. Don’t bother trying.


I created a new widget for my blog. It’s a simple little thing that shows stuff from my Google Calendar. You can find it as my “Upcoming Events” sidebar, bottom left. Okay, so it doesn’t have much there yet, I need to add stuff to the calendar. )

Anyway, here’s a link to it: gcalendar

If anybody has any suggestions on improving it, I’d love to hear ‘em.


Note: I’ve updated the widget to use Google’s Calendar API properly. But in order to do that, I had to modify WordPress’s built in MagpieRSS functions rather heavily. So read the readme.txt file for installation instructions before attempting to use it. Failure to install correctly will break your blog. Heck, it might do that anyway. So read carefully. )

63 thoughts on “Google Calendar Widget”

  1. Brian: Probably not anytime soon, no. WordPress has been damnably slow in revamping their RSS reader support. I’ve been trying to introduce better code into the WordPress core so that the rss-functions hacking is not required, but I’m not having much luck.

  2. Sorry if people have asked this before me. But does the new WP 2.3 version change the situation, in terms of updating this plugin? If maybe the rss-support have improved or something like that?

  3. otto, need help here…after uploading everything in the instructions, i got this on my sidebar…

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class magpierss in /home/shaikhta/public_html/blog/wp-includes/rss-functions.php on line 14

    help me out?

    oh and pls send me an email…i might not be coming back to your blog so soon…

  4. I installed everything according to the readme.txt but it won´t show any dates, just the headline. 🙁

    If i change it to show a monthly calender, i get a lot of “Invalid argument supplied for foreach()…” in lines: 329 and 441

  5. nevermind, just noticed, that this widget wont work with 2.3.1

    you should disable download for it if it won´t work with an actual release.

  6. The plugin is great, I love it. Thanks for your work!

    I’m wondering, though, if there’s any way to pull repeating events from google calendar? Right now it skips right over those.

    Or even to specifically display only those events that repeat?



  7. It would be wonderful if I could enter multiple calendars. For example, if I have a google calendar for Work, Home, and Church, I’d love it to grab events off of all those calendars and then merge them, or perhaps show:




  8. Otto, just a note to let you know I have just updated to 2.6 and your plugin still works great. All this time I have kept the original rss-functions.php and with each update rename and then name it back. It is one of the best plugins I have. Thanks!

  9. As mentioned, multiple calendars would be really great. I have an artist management site, with each artist requiring their own calendar to manage their schedule.

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