5 thoughts on “Getting me a TV”

  1. Personally, I think the Samsung LCD TVs have the best colors and displays. I’ve had 2 friends with reliability issues with their Sony LCD TVs, but YMMV. Also, you can save some serious cash by getting a 720p set vs. 1080p. Unless you own a PS3, HD-DVD player, or Blu-Ray player, there’s little point to it for now. Wait until the format wars are over between the next gen DVDs, save the cash, and then buy the 1080p set. Plus, by that time, the prices will have dropped down to what 720p costs right now. Anyway, I recommend the Samsung instead. Go to a Best Buy (or equivalent) and look at the Sony vs. Samsung side-by-side.

  2. Samsung lcd 32” here. I love it. I come from a crt and even a simple dvd is astonishing with it.Well..two comments 2 samsung..I think you know what to do 🙂

  3. The 720p idea is right out. I’m planning on hooking a computer to this thing sometimes, I’d like to have a high enough resolution to actually be able to read the screen without my eyes going out. Getting a 720p makes no sense because of this.

    I will look closer at the Samsung sets though.

  4. I just got a Samsung about 4 months ago, too — 37″ HD. It’s not one of the super-thin kind, but for $350 I figured it was worth trying out and would hold me over until I win the lottery and can buy all the plasma my little heart can handle. 🙂

    So…yah…Samsung is pretty good stuff.

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