What I got for Xmas

I think every blogger should have to have a post where they detail what they got and gave for Xmas. It seems natural. I mean, you’re going to post pictures, family you saw, etc, but the real fun is when you go home and get to play with your new toys.

My parents gave me some really neat brass candle holders, a little sushi plate kit (along with a bottle of sake), a rather interesting cooler, and towels for my bathroom.

I gave the parents a pod-type coffee maker with some coffee pods (since their old coffee maker sucks), and a couple bottles of liquor. Also got my nephew a train set, and sent some coasters to a friend of mine. Some other less interesting stuff was sent to various places too.

So what did you get for Xmas? What did you give for Xmas? Post it on your own blog, or just put what you got in the comments here. 🙂

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