Chicago Air and Water Show

Chicago Air and Water Show 2006
Chicago Air and Water Show 2006

I’m taking the weekend off to go up to Chicago for the Chicago Air and Water Show, and to hang out on my friend Chuck’s boat. Should be a good time.

Expect more than a few Twitter posts while I’m there. For this reason, I might disable the auto-blog-posting of those during this weekend. If so, you can still see the latest ones on my Twitter feed, to see what I’m up to.

The plan is to drive up there late Thursday, stop at a notel somewhere for sleep, and continue on in early Friday morning. I’m not a huge fan of that idea, but I’ve got people coming with me, and they’re not really the drive-for-8-hours-and-then-continue-to-party-for-24-more types… So a good nights sleep at some point is likely the best course of action.

I also hope to get some good Chicago pizza and have a few drinks at the top of the Hancock building (that’s where everybody says to check out). But mostly, I plan on sitting on the boat, having a few brews, and enjoying the lakefront.

I’ll post a gallery of pictures upon my return. 🙂

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