Simple Facebook Connect

Working on a new WordPress plugin lately. It’s basically a simple and easy way to make Facebook Connect work with your WordPress based website.

More info about it here: Simple Facebook Connect.

Short list of current features:

  • Simple 2 step setup for Facebook Connect. Just create the App via Facebook and paste in the API key.
  • Share button, with meta support.
  • User status widget
  • Comment using Facebook Identity (alpha, not operational, for testing only, will be working soon).

Like most things I announce early, it’s not fully featured yet. I’m modifying and adding onto it as I go along, so expect a lot of updates to show up in the plugin list if you use it.

And if you have ideas for how to improve it, please email them to me. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Simple Facebook Connect”

  1. Can i first say, THANK YOU.

    Being waiting for someone to make something like this for a very long while now. Everysite kept relasing how to intergrate fbconnect with wordpress but they werent all that good.

    This seems to be Simple and easy to use, I will be installing tonight.

    Thanks again

  2. Seems like a simple way to integrate facebook into your site. Can’t wait for the comment integration to work! Thanks for the great plugin!

  3. Hi, I like your plugin set, its wonderful. As for suggestions, can you modify the “Like” plugin so that when someone Likes something, It also displays a popup where u can post the same to your wall? (something which is enabled with FBML and not through iframe). Thanks

  4. The plugin did not work for me ………it does login the person but when the user tries to comment it gives an error that the name and email have not been filled……please help

  5. Having an issue with the LIKE button, it just launches a window and it’s blank. The share and other options work ok, but unable to get the like button working.


  6. Can this app merge and existent wordpress account and the facebook profile? I don’t want my users to have duplicated accounts, if they are already signed in.

    thank you in advance

  7. I’m getting a JS error sfc_update_user_details is not defined when filling in my username and password on the FB connect box that comes up.

    This error then stops the page reloading when auth is complete.

    Don’t suppose anyone’s got any ideas what’s going on by any chance?


  8. How can I change my fanbox so that it doesn’t show “ on facebook” and just has “”. Like on your site, it just has “Nothing to see here”

  9. First of all …. great plugin! everything works perfectly the only thing not working flawless is the login button. I would like the facebook login not to redirect to the registration page and also to disappear when the user is logged in, is that possible?

    Thanks in advance

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