New Job: Working for the Matt

WordPressI’ve been delaying this post for a while, but I recently got a new job. I’ve been hired by Matt Mullenweg, of WordPress and Automattic fame. My first goal will be to start the revamping of the website, which has needed some reworking for some time now.

I didn’t really expect this or see it coming, but I’m sure glad it did. Though it does mean leaving my position at AutoZone for the second time (I doubt they’ll hire me back a third time 🙂 ), it’s an opportunity that I’m extremely excited about and honestly simply could not pass up. I do like the people at AutoZone, and wish them the best. I have one week remaining with them, and I’m doing my best to ensure a smooth transition.

Since Matt is a distributed kind of guy, I’ll be able to work from a laptop, wherever I happen to be, and I plan to take full advantage of that. I’ve never been to a WordCamp, for example, but I’m planning on going to WordCamp Savannah this year in August. Well, actually I plan on going to Savannah for a week or two, while there’s a WordCamp going on. I love Savannah; me and friends used to go there for the week of St. Patrick’s Day every year. Did that for 7 years before the prices got too steep. Went back once for New Year’s Day a couple years ago, and I miss the place. I needs me some Crab Shack.

I’ll also be at the big San Francisco gathering next year, and I might be around other places from time to time. Because of that, I’ve decided to turn this blog into more of a personal journal. Expect changes to accommodate more of a photoblog, sort of thing. Most entries are probably just going to be photos with captions. If you’re not down with that, sorry. For my tech ramblings, head over to Otto on WordPress instead.

Addendum: For those who are curious, I am not going to be working for Automattic. I’m working directly for Matt. My title, however, is “Tech Ninja”. 😀

25 thoughts on “New Job: Working for the Matt”

  1. That is so awesome, I’m really happy for you that it all worked out. Meeting Matt at BBQ fest was pretty awesome, what a nice guy. And now, I’ve got a WordPress guru that I can turn to if I ever get stuck! =) Best of luck with the new position, I’m sure you’ll love it.

  2. Congratulations! I’m looking forqward to buying you a celebratory beverage upon my return!


  3. Was your WordPress 3.0 and Custom Post Types post written before/during/after you signed on the Matt line..?

    Either way, glad you wrote, and glad I found it. Was just about to go bananas (like everyone else on Planet WordPress) structuring sites accordingly. But the “no feed, no blog” kinda sold me otherwise.

    Appreciate the insight; Matt’s smart to steal you.

  4. Hello Otto. Congratulations and best wishes Mr. Ninja. I enjoy reading your posts here and learning a lot more at Cheers.

  5. Congratulations Otto.
    Hope you have time to keep up the great work on your plugins.

  6. So how much does a position like “Tech Ninja” pay?
    Just curious to see what potential my Computer Science Bachelor degree will have. 😀

    1. Jane asked me to, but no. I’ve never been to one of these, and I’d like to actually attend one before getting up and presenting.

      I do expect to be around at the Unconference/Hacker Lounge all day Sunday though, so I’ll be able to talk to people about whatever I can come up with.

  7. Congratulations for your new job and I’m sure working with Automattic is going to enhance your career a lot…
    Also will love to see a new interface and web2.0 style soon 🙂
    Best of luck..!!!

  8. Tech Ninja? I can totally see what your business card would look like 😉
    Congrats for the job. I’d be very proud to work for WP/Matt (if I had the skills)


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