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Since people have been emailing me and asking for it…

WordPress Plugin: Simple Twitter Connect

It’s similar in concept to the Simple Facebook Connect plugin. In fact, it rips off quite a lot of the same code. But instead of Facebook, this integrates your WordPress site better with Twitter.

Now, there’s a lot of Twitter plugins out there already. And this plugin by no means competes with them (yet). This plugin can’t, for example, send a post to Twitter (yet). Nor can it pull posts from Twitter to display on your own site (yet).

What it does is to provide the framework for a more complete Twitter integration. Right now it can do:

  • Login via Twitter
  • Comment via Twitter

Not much, really. But it has the backend code necessary to make it easier to connect your site to a Twitter Application, and to make plugins surrounding it that won’t interfere with each other. That’s the same basic reason for the Simple Facebook Connect plugin.

So yes, eventually this plugin will send and receive stuff from Twitter. But for now, it lets you allow users to Login and/or to have users Comment using their Twitter credentials.

Expect frequent updates.

8 thoughts on “Simple Twitter Connect”

  1. Plugin makes the life more simple. Even I without any higher computer skills can make my own website/blog. Thanks

  2. I have updated the plugin and added the hovercards thingy, its kinda cool, but im having a problem. When trying to login to Twitter, it says: ERROR: Twitter user not recognized.

    1. Because you need to log in normally first then go to the Users->My Profile screen and connect your Twitter and WP accounts together.

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