Weekend update

So you might have noticed the pictures I posted this weekend. Well, actually, you didn’t until this morning because my blog was broken and so the “live” pictures got sort of stuck between Flickr and the site.

Still, I sent a few from the weekend to try to get into the whole picture blogging thing again. It’s always a lot of fun to snap some shots, and since I got Flickr posting them to the blog instantly, I figured I’d give it a shot this weekend while I was at the Publympics. Paul emailed us all asking for judges, and I volunteered. Hey, free beer and lots of pain? Sign me up!

One thing I did learn was that if I’m going to be outside in the heat all day drinking, then wearing sunblock is not optional. The other thing I learned is that it is actually possible for a human being to sweat beer like in one of those Gatorade commercials. Beer. Is it in you?

On the whole, a good time. I don’t recall who won, but quite frankly, everybody won. By the end, I don’t even think there were enough teams still around to do the tricycle races, and so I left just before that point. When they busted out the yards and started chugging (not on the list of events, BTW), then I figured that it was all over bar the puking.

Heavy college deja-vu.

Holy crap, it's cold!

At about 2 pm yesterday, I stepped outside from work and it was nice. About 75 degrees, a bit overcast, raining. When I left work at 4:30 pm, it was 45 degrees.

That’s right, in two hours, it dropped 30 degrees.

It also decided to get so dark in the sky that it looked like night. Okay, so night was only an hour away anyway, but still, it was suddenly dark and cold. It’s like we skipped fall and went straight to winter, all in the space of two hours.

I’m not a winter person. I need heat.

On a plus note, there’s new bars around that are pretty fun, and I’m planning on enjoying them this evening. Although if it’s overly crowded at the Saucer (with the Dempsey’s playing it probably will be), then I might just leave there early and head straight for Hoop’s instead. He better be open, or I’m going to have to drink somewhere else. And I really don’t want that.