About Me

“Otto”, known more formally as Samuel Wood, is probably best described a software developer. Or a code hacker. Either way.

Otto has developed software for the automotive industry, for the retail industry, for the iPod, for the internet, and for lots of other stuff in his spare time. He’ll work in whatever language happens to be lying around, and is not particularly picky about environments, having developed software for PC’s, Mac’s, and various flavors of unix-like systems. He’s worked in everything from being a retail salesperson to providing technical support for a printer manufacturer to writing server software that handles $1.5-billion worth of transactions yearly.

For the last 5 years or so, he’s been doing a lot of work with WordPress, and in 2010 that became his full-time job when he was hired by Matt Mullenweg as a “Tech Ninja” for Audrey Capital.

In other words, when it comes to computers, Otto is basically a generalist.

Open Projects

  • Core contributor to WordPress
  • Moderator on WordPress.org forums
  • Wrote the first major open-specification for the iPod file formats (known collectively as theĀ iTunesDB), which allowed several open source projects to support the iPod in a more “native” fashion
  • … others to be added as I get around to it


  • You can read what Otto has to say about WordPress at http://ottopress.com.
  • You can read what Otto has to say about everything else at http://ottodestruct.com.
  • You can follow Otto on Twitter as well: @otto42.
  • You can follow all of Otto’s sites on Twitter too: @ottodestruct.
  • You can email Otto directly: otto@ottodestruct.com.