What I got for Xmas

I think every blogger should have to have a post where they detail what they got and gave for Xmas. It seems natural. I mean, you’re going to post pictures, family you saw, etc, but the real fun is when you go home and get to play with your new toys.

My parents gave me some really neat brass candle holders, a little sushi plate kit (along with a bottle of sake), a rather interesting cooler, and towels for my bathroom.

I gave the parents a pod-type coffee maker with some coffee pods (since their old coffee maker sucks), and a couple bottles of liquor. Also got my nephew a train set, and sent some coasters to a friend of mine. Some other less interesting stuff was sent to various places too.

So what did you get for Xmas? What did you give for Xmas? Post it on your own blog, or just put what you got in the comments here. 🙂

Off for Xmas!

Shopping for Xmas is exhausting. Getting the presents, wrapping them, mailing them, it’s such a pain in the ass that I now understand why I never really tried to do it before. It’s much easier to simply not expect any presents and not give any presents. I mean, seriously, I can shop for myself. And most of the presents I’ve gotten in the past have been somewhat useless crap. At least my parents figured me out a while back and now tend to get me beer and/or beer-related accessories.

Still, I tried. Got the parents something, got something for my nephew, even mailed a few things off to some friends. Now all I have left to do is to wrap one present, stick it in the car, and drive to the parents house. So, I’m out for Xmas today. Have to spend some drinking quality time with Mom and Dad. What else are the holidays for?

However, I will be back in time for Trivia night at the Saucer on Xmas day, so I’ll see everybody then!

Note to Self…

Going to five bars and drinking for 14 hours on a Sunday doesn’t lead to a heck of a lot of productivity on Monday

Although it was good to see The Dempseys again, and the Saucer girls were quite surprised to see me turn up at a baby shower, and I did enjoy PBR in a can at the Deli… Although there was all that, the pain was, and to some extent still is, rather immense. My back is on the edge of killing me and I may need drug infusions to make it to Trivia tonight. Also, I somehow did something rather severe to my finger which makes it difficult to type properly.

On the whole, a good time, but not something I can repeat very often.

You Still Don't Know Jack

You Dont Know Jack Box ArtI remember back in college, we’d have hours of fun playing this game. This was when they had online episodes and I had all the CD versions of the game as well. A great little three player trivia game. The online versions even preceded the whole flash gaming craze. They were done in flash, but at the time the most complex flash games looked like stuff you’d seen on the Atari back in the day. But trivia doesn’t need complicated graphics, just sharp text and a soundtrack. The soundtrack, of course, was what made the game.

But when Jellyvision folded, I forgot about it, more or less.

The other day, I ran across my old CD’s and tried to get it working again. It had some minor problems with XP, but nothing that searching the internet could not fix.

In the process of that search, I discovered that You Don’t Know Jack is back!

Jellyvision has reformed and has spent most of the year publishing new online episodes on their website: http://youdontknowjack.com. Most of them are “Dis or Dat” episodes, which are short, but they have loads of full episodes too. Well worth a play through.