Snowing in Memphis

It rarely snows in downtown Memphis, but it’s doing a pretty good job of it right now.

I left work a bit early to avoid the insanity on the streets, and my car was fairly covered by that point. So I quickly came home and took some shots out of my window and on the rooftop.

Looks like it's sticking alright

Unfortunately, the rooftop shots show that there is basically zero visibility. I can’t even see the downtown core from here.

Can't even see downtown because of the thickness of it

Ah well. Still, I expect some snowballs to be thrown tonight. 🙂

Have fun in Phoenix, Mandy!

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  1. We used to get really good snow over here (North West England), in quantities that blocked roads, buried sheep in fields and took at least a week to clear – you were bored of the stuff before it had gone.

    Now all we get are little whisps one night, a light dusting and then it all melts within about half an hour. The only thing we seem to get now is cold icy weather, but who wants to go running around in sub-zero temperatures? You don’t win many friends by throwing shards of ice at each other.

  2. I’m sort of in the same boat as James. I grew up on the East coast. We had at least one good storm a year that usually was enough for us to remember why we really didn’t like the stuff to begin with.

    Here in Memphis what we got yesterday is about the standard anymore. Snow and ice for a day or so then back to the mid 50’s in a day.

    Still, you can only throw what you have. Therefore James if all you have is shards of ice to throw, please throw them at the French for us.

    Lord knows they are friends of only themselves.

    Nice pics Otto.


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