Well, it’s been a minute or two, hasn’t it?

Been a while since I last posted here. What can I say, been busy? Even during COVID and such, I was a bit caught up in work and such.

Well, here is a good reason to bring y’all up to date. Bottom line, I had a stroke.

I think the term is “left side cerebrum hemorrhagic stroke”. Basically, its what happens when a vessel bursts in your brain, and dumps a ton of blood on your body, flooding that hemisphere.

Funny thing, most strokes you are asleep for. No warning given. And when you live alone, no notice while you sleep thru 24 hours of it. Fun.

It happened mid-May. It’s been three weeks now, I’ve been having some memory issues and some severe movement issues. You think that would be obvious from, like, that it was a stroke, but it’s sort of like having your whole body go numb.

Nevertheless, after 3 weeks in recovery, and having gone from a bag of meat to a functional human being again, I’m doing okay.

Anyway, I’m headed home tomorrow, which is the first step of putting life back together.

I still hope to be at WCUS in September, depending on whether or not I’m fully walking again by then.

9 thoughts on “Well, it’s been a minute or two, hasn’t it?”

  1. So glad to read this my friend. I had asked a couple times about you through Paul Ryburn and Mike walker. But hadn’t heard anything in a couple of weeks. I wish you a speedy recovery. If you need anything let me know.
    901 570 6459.

  2. So very glad that you are doing better. You gave us all quite a scare. Please let us know if we can do anything for you

  3. Love to hear you’re on the mend. You know I’m just a phone call away if you need anything whatsoever!!!

  4. Otto we’re all relieved you’re on the mend. You have a lot of people that truly care about you.

    It’s going to take a lot of work, however every inch of healing is worth it.

    You can do this, brother.

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