Picasa Web WordPress Widget

THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. I doubt I’ll be updating it any time soon.

Playing around with my new Picasa Web access, I found the RSS feeds quite nice. So I made a widget for them.

Picasa Web Widget

Basically it puts a slideshow of photo thumbnails from one or more Picasa Web RSS feeds into your sidebar. You can click them to go to the photo’s page on Picasa Web. Uses divs and names and all that good CSS stuff to make styling them easy, if you want.



Update: Version 1.1 actually works now. )


Update: Version 1.2 now has four additional options. Now you can:
-Turn javascript image rotation on/off.
-Limit how many images will be rotated through.
-Display more than just the one image.
-Control whether or not the images are shown in a random order.

The image rotation script has also been corrected to work in both IE and Firefox (and probably others as well).


Update: Version 1.3 adds Brian’s fix for filenames with unusual characters in them being in your web album.


Update: Version 1.4
– Output will now validate as valid XHTML. Should work all the time. Important note: Use the class for CSS styling of anything, the ID is only there when you are only showing one image.
– Added the ability to display descriptions below the thumbnail. It even works with rotating images. )
– Fixed the case where you are showing multiple images in a non-random order.


Update: Version 1.5 – Corrected a problem where it would only show the last feed when you give it multiple feeds.


Update: Version 1.6 – Corrected some cases where the rotate images javascript would fail to work in certain scenarios.

22 thoughts on “Picasa Web WordPress Widget”

  1. This is supposed to be a widget, though I can seem to get it to work. Just outputs a bunch of HTML entities. Does it still work?

  2. Yes, it works fine. What do you mean by “a bunch of HTML entities”? That’s what it’s supposed to do. HTML is what web pages are made of. :)

  3. Yes, it works fine. What do you mean by “a bunch of HTML entities”? That’s what it’s supposed to do. HTML is what web pages are made of. :)

  4. I have been beating my head against a rock. I am switching over to WP and found your widget. It wont cache the images (and I have set the folder to 777. As you can see (if you go to my site) that the rss parts work, but the img src tag lists the path but no file name.

    I know a little JAVA and PERL (enough to be dangerous) and was trying to get a grip on the code. I dont have CURL with my PHP. I cant tell if the problem is in the fopen, or in the parsing of the rss data.

    If you could take a look I’d certainly appreciate it.

    I can use the picasa’s “Blog this” URL to get an image, `course it is not being saved locally. I just wanted to see if I could actually use that.

  5. I seem to have the same problem as wvpv, the output seems to have gone through the htmlspecialchars function, and comes out all < etc, so you see the code rather than the outputI changed the line $photos[$count][‘description’] = htmlspecialchars($row[‘description’]); to $photos[$count][‘description’] = $row[‘description’];and it displayed images, but messed up. I wonder if you uploaded a debug version by mistake?

  6. I have updated the widget with code from Picasa Wed Matrix and some of my own and it now works as expected on my site so I thought I would share my work with others. You can find it here

  7. Hey Otto,

    I cannot seem to get your plugin to work correctly. It constantly spits out

    fopen(/www/htdocs/spy/wp-content/plugins/widgets/picasawebcache/CIMG0588.JPG) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/spy/wp-content/plugins/picasaweb/picasaweb.php on line 81
    Warning: curl_setopt(): supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in /www/htdocs/spy/wp-content/plugins/picasaweb/picasaweb.php on line 84

    After these messages I get a lot of gibberish.

    I’m using the latest WordPress and K2 0.95RC on a PHP4.4.4 server.
    The Feed-URL I’m using is: http://picasaweb.google.de/data/feed/base/user/t.uebel/albumid/5044734852155052097?kind=photo&alt=rss&hl=de

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks man!


  8. Nevermind my previous post. I have debugged the script, and found out that the
    path to the plugin-directory was hardcoded.
    It was something like “plugins/widgets/picasawebcache”…
    Changing everything to “plugins/picasaweb/picasawebcache” (i.e. my structure)
    made everything work.

    Thanks for the excellent plugin…

  9. love it, thanks for taking the time for writing this! For anybody having issues make sure you check the paths to the cache ‘cacheurl’ and ‘cachedir’ before you activate it, its around line 38 of picasaweb.php

  10. after I install and activate the widget I do not see any widget configuration panel. I have verified all my paths and the look good. Any ideas?

  11. What’s the usage? I have everything installed but can’t get an album to come up in a post.

    Do I need to put a special tag around the URL? Is it the URL by itself? Is it the URL as an A-HREF??

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