Fun with Twitter

Just rigged up the blog to show whatever I’m posting via Twitter as well. However, what with Twitter being a bit of a lower end sort of one-liner type of thing, I decided to make those posts style slightly differently. So those weird blue things? Those are just my latest Twitter updates. 🙂

Thanks to Twitter Tools for making it work properly. Good WordPress plugin, still has a few odd points to it and some kinks to work out though. But it works well enough.

Feel free to respond more directly to anything I have to say on Twitter.

0 thoughts on “Fun with Twitter”

  1. I’ve just configured Irssi on my Linux server to send Tweets whenever someone mentions my nick in the IRC channels I’m in. I keep Irssi running all the time and just ssh into the machine when I want to chat, which means it’s pure luck whether I’m actually looking at the screen or not.Now, after installing ‘Spaz’ I get little popup messages. It seems to work quite well so far.Do I win a prize for actually finding a use for Twitter? 😉

  2. Nah, there’s lots of possible uses. Friend of mine set up an account to post the daily Fire Sale beer at the local Flying Saucer. Naturally, I subscribe to that one. I like that you can even have tweets sent to your phone as a text message. Now I always know what the cheap beer of the day is. 🙂

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