Bacon cups

You know, I’ve always liked salads, but thought they were too healthy for my lifestyle. How can I make a salad unhealthy for me?

The usual answer, of course, is the taco salad. It’s a salad in a big flour-based bowl, but topped with the contents of about 6 tacos worth of meat and cheese and such. But is that really enough? Is that really unhealthy enough for my inactive lifestyle?

Of course not. Enter: Bacon Cups.

Bacon cups

Yes, a cup made of bacon. What better thing could you possibly make edible utensils out of than bacon?

The site called “not martha” gives details on exactly how to do this. The scheme is simple and straightforward, and I imagine that if you wanted to scale this up to a taco salad sized bowl, then it would be quite possible.

On the other hand, I’m considering this sized container as a possible holder for cheese dip, for that ultimate party snack food. Although I am somewhat concerned about leak-through. You’d have to use quite a lot of bacon to be sure that it was sealed enough to hold thick liquids like dip.. Or ranch.

If you do scale it up to taco salad, then don’t forget the bacon salt.