Westboro Baptist planning to protest Heath Ledger's funeral

The Westboro church people are those morons who hold up the “God Hates Fags” signs at the funerals of dead soldiers and such. Clearly only in it for the attention and because they thrive on hatred and such.

So, I think that instead of getting mad at these people, we should just completely ridicule them instead. Here’s how: Every time they show up anywhere, have a bunch of people there make up a bunch of “God Hates Shrimp” picket signs and then go and protest as close to the Westboro morons as they can.

These people thrive on hatred. So laugh at them instead. It’s easier and has a chance of working.

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  1. Here’s what I like:
    Retired military motorcycle riders (big burly men), escort our fallen soldiers from the funeral to the cemetery. The family doesn’t have many problems with these lunatics since not only are they Harley riders and ex-military but the combination is not something you want to mess with. They have a website and you can request their presence. Sounds like your town needs it! (yep, my hubby is army).

    PS. I am a WordPress baby, looking out my crib wishing I would participate. Your answers as moderator are amazing so I came here to see your site. I have so many questions. Need to go back to the forum and ask. Cheers, man! H~

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